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GCCCD Team Agreement and Research on Virtual Teams Paper

GCCCD Team Agreement and Research on Virtual Teams Paper

This Final Project is a Team Research Paper based on your identifying a team with a problem in Team Introduction Paper in Week One. This paper is a result of the research your team has done on topic noted in your Team Charter. In presenting your findings, please ensure your information is well organized and paper content includes all requested Descriptions from Rubric.
When presenting your data, ensure your include quantitative as well as qualitative data.  Numbers always tell the real story and gives your paper that “wow” factor.
Paper must include a Problem Statement as well as charts, graphs, or illustrations.
Team Agreement and Research on Virtual Teams 1
Military is known collectively as armed forces, is a heavily armed, highly organized force
primarily intended for warfare. It is officially authorized, maintained and sustained by a
sovereign state, with its members identifiable by their distinct military uniform. There are 6
branches of military in the US, which are Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, Navy and
recently, Space Force. Our research will be on THE MARINES, their leadership skills, training,
obstacles, fears and their victories.
Countries know that their success and protection against enemies is determined by their
investments in their military forces. Military Troops are trained and molded emotionally and
psychologically from one place to another without them getting mixed up with other troops. The
training and drilling may be rigorous and strenuous, but it is to prepare them to be ready for
battle at a moment’s notice. The theory was, without drills, and training soldiers could end up
getting lost on the way to battle and having to fight with any unit they could encounter, instead
of the unit they were trained with. The United States marines are some of the first units to enter
combat zones and the last to leave, because of this training and discipline are essential to the
success of the mission and to complete all required goals set out for the team.
Marines and Teamwork
Team Agreement and Research on Virtual Teams 2
Teamwork starts with trust and mutual respect. Mentorship and listening to their fellow
Marines. Getting involved and learning more about themselves:who they are,the struggles they
face and the ambitions they have.
Every Marine has a story. They Find ways to interact and talk to each other. Setting goals for
their team and themselves and lay out a path to get there. Identify and address each other’s
personal challenges early. They don’t tolerate hazing and negative leadership because they
destroy morale, erode trust, and stifle initiative. – Robert B. Neller, 37th Commandant of the
Marine Corps. Marine’s have a rigorous team mentality and training that must be completed
before you can call yourself a marine. During the reading one of the lessons we learned was “
Organizational leaders can foster team performance best by building a strong performance ethic
rather than by establishing a team-promoting environment alone” Katzenbach, J. R., & Smith, D.
K. (2015) which describes the marines well as they promote a team environment by building
strong performances.
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Team Agreement and Research on Virtual Teams 3
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