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Assignment: Developing an algorithm

Assignment: Developing an algorithm

Given a file like this: teams.txt
Bears 4
Sharks 7
Cats 9
Hedgehogs 6
Ants 2
Aardvarks 11
Your program should produce output like this:
The Bears have won 4 games
The Sharks have won 7 games
The Cats have won 9 games
The Hedgehogs have won 6 games
The Ants have won 2 games
The Aardvarks have won 11 games
Teams with names shorter than 5 letters: [‘Cats’, ‘Ants’]
The three teams with the most wins are: [‘Aardvarks’, ‘Cats’, ‘Sharks’]
Your mission will be to do the following:

Develop an algorithm to solve all remaining steps in this problem.
Use a list comprehension to load the data from a file named teams.txt. Theres a sample file on Canvas with the data shown above.
Print out the information read in from the file formatted as shown in the example.
Use a list comprehension to create a list of the names of teams with less than 5 letters in their name.
Use a list comprehension to create a list of the names of the three teams with the highest wins.

can you use this function to open file?words_list = [ w.split( ) for w in open( name , “r” ) ]
and use list in one function to do this problem?
like vowels=[word for word in words_list if len([let for let in word if let in “aeiou”])>=2]

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